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RaceWise students include World 100,  World of Outlaw, UMP, USMTS, WISSOTA, IMCA champions along with countless first-time feature and track championship winners.

Learn the Facts! RaceWise takes the mystery out of improving handling! You will learn how to recognize and correct handling problems on your own.

For over 25 Years, our proven, racer friendly methods have taught racers and chassis builders the facts about race car suspensions and tires. You will learn why your race car handles the way it does and how set-ups, chassis adjustments and tires affect handling.


Weight Transfer & Management • Polar Moment • Weight Distribution Wedge • Roll Centers • Track Alignment • Shock Dampening • Spring Rates • Link Angles & Lengths • Panhard Bars • Pull & Lift Bars • Spring & Shock Locations • Roll Steer • Caster Gain • Camber Curves • Toe • Anti-dive • Ackerman • Bump Steer • Tire Prep • Corner Breakdown • Communications • Banking • Driver Types & Techniques • Track Types & Setups • Suspension Limiters/Bump Stops and Spring Stacking